Searching for young talents across the Armenian world!

The search and support of young talents is one of the priorities of Armenian Assembly. We believe in new generations, in Armenian children, and we understand that timely support can affect the formation of a young musician's career.

Our goal is to create a fruitful atmosphere for growing talent in children for the further support and development of their professional career in classical music.

About the competition

The competition of young talents will be a discovery of new names in classical music. Young artists will be given an opportunity to perform at one of the best concert venues of Moscow and take another important step towards their professional development.

In 2019, the competition will be held in an expanded format - children of three age categories living in all regions of Armenia, Russia and other countries will be selected to participate in ARMONIA competition and receive a grant.

In 2019, Armenian Assembly will present 3 grants for three age categories: 7 - 9 years; 10 - 14 years old, 15 - 17 years old inclusive. Also, fans of classical music will be able to choose their favorite participant and determine the winner of the fourth grant - the Audience Choice Award!

Competition stages

The competition of young talents is open for all instrumentalists who love and spread Armenian culture, of ages 7 to 17 inclusive.


The winners will receive grants and perform at the annual Christmas Gathering.