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Searching for young talents across the Armenian world!

The search and support of young talents is one of the priorities of Armenian Assembly. We truly believe in the potential of Armenian world’s new generation, and we are convinced that timely support can become a trigger for their future formation.

ARMONIA educational platform, an initiative of Armenian Assembly, is set to empower young talents and endorse them to make a contributing into the global cultural heritage as successful representatives of the Armenian nation.


ARMONIA is a word that is conjointly in sync with the words “Armenia” and “harmony”. A human who lives in harmony with themselves and with their national identity is a self-sufficient personality that is able to evolve.

ARMONIA educational platform is set to discover young talents with Armenian origin all over the world and support the young ambassadors of the Armenian culture to make the first steps in their professional formation. Our mission is to nurture the youth and to contribute to their development today so they advance the world tomorrow.

Starting from 2018 Armenian Assembly has supported more than a dozen of talented youngsters who advance in the fields of classical music and sports.



The founding “Christmas Gathering” united the prominent representative of the Armenian diaspora to confer grants in honor of prominent Armenian musicians to the first laureates of the music contest.


The ARMONIA 2020 award ceremony was traditionally held during the “Christmas Gathering” musical evening